Room 444

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Room 444

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How can there be an old hotel like Wildmere without a good ghost story?

Room 444 was on the top (4th) floor almost at the far end of the hotel. Since the hotel was rarely filled, this part of the hotel was often empty.

The stories and first-hand occurrences surrounding this room were well known by all the employees.

This brings tears to my eyes when I think about some of the stories, and a couple of things I have seen first hand. Of course I wouldn't have believed any of it myself if I didn't experience some of this first-hand. There were stories about the furniture being re-arranged, lights on in the room when they were definitely shut off before, the door always open when it was closed before, and many others. I have personally been down the hall when the door in that room has slammed shut by itself, and the scariest of all which I remember like it was yesterday was when one night I was walking down the hallway in that area. It was the dead of winter, and the hotel had no guests. As I walked down the hall, I saw the light on in the bathroom and in that bathroom was a very old women brushing her long grey hair. She was facing away from the door, so all I saw was the back of her. Already being freaked out about being in that part of the hotel... at night... with nobody else around...I ran down the stairs so fast!

I wouldn't believe anyone who told me a story like that, and I certainly don't expect anyone to believe me, but I did see it, and it did happen. Sure, there's probably some logical explanation for it. I mean if the hotel was half filled, or ...well I don't know what else!

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my husband and I worked here in the late 60s. Many of the waitress and housecleaning staff had similar tales, some even left after sightings.
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Room 444

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In the Mid 70's I lived at Wildmere for six months on the fourth floor above the library. I spent 14 months living at the end of the south corridor in both the lake side and mountain side rooms. When the hotel was empty it could be eerily quiet. Any sound or movement took on its own reality. However the ghosts I saw turned out to be raccoons or lingering memories of the sweet dreams that came from the deep sleep induced by hard work and the quiet and calm of the mountain.
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Not to sound like a crackpot, but I had similar, eerie things go on in my own home in NJ as a kid (candles lit by themselves, one key on the opiano playing over and over in the night...) It certainly seems likely in an old hotel like Wildmere!

Re: Room 444

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Ah yes, the sixties and seventies. Man those drugs were good.
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