Anyone have any good hotel stories to share?

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Anyone have any good hotel stories to share?

Postby Joe DeFalco » Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:25 pm

Back in the late seventies I stayed at Wildmere for a weekend with my ex wife. It was January and we arrived on a Friday night in a heavy snow storm. I barely made it up the road to the hotel it was snowing so hard. There were only seven rooms rented that night. I asked for a lakeside room on the top floor on the side of the hotel that was unoccupied that night for privacy. At about 10 pm I decided to go down to the bar. My ex was tired and thought that she would go to sleep for the night. When I tried to leave and close the door I found that the only way that the door would stay shut was to lock it. The building had settled over the years and the door frame shifted a little. When I got to the bar I found only the bartender. He was getting ready to close up shop for the night and go to a party in the employees section of the hotel. He asked if I wanted to join him and so I did till about 3 am. When I returned to my room I found my ex had been up all night scared stiff. She was locked in and no one was at the front desk phone being that the hotel was empty. she told me that she spent most of the night screaming for help from the balcony to no avail. She was so mad that she had her suitcase packed and tried to call for a cab from a payphone in the lobby.she wanted to go to the bus station to go home. Fortunately for me they told her that they wouldn't be able to come up the mountain in the storm. The next day all was forgiven but thru the rest of the marriage she never let me forget that night. Anyone else have a story to share?

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