Lake Minnewaska Mountain House

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Vicki Wagner

Lake Minnewaska Mountain House

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This website is the answer to my quest for information about this magnificent place! My grandfather used to work there in the summers in the mid to late 60's. He used to be in charge of the laundry. Believe it or not, my dad still has bedsheets and towels with the hotel name! And we had used them all these years! I was only about 9 to 13 years old when we used to take Grandpa up there from his home in Mayfield, PA and leave him there to work for the summer. We used to go up and visit him a few times during the summer and then bring him back home in September. I remember sending him letters weekly and remember staying with my Grandma sometimes while he was gone, because she was so lonely without him. I remember being so amazed with the resort. Grandpa used to take us for walks all over to show us around. It was so breathtakingly beautiful! Then he eventually quit working there as he grew old. I grew up and got married and had a family. He has since passed away in 1982 and Grandma a few years later. We took a ride up there about 10 years ago ( I live in northeastern PA, about 1.5 hours away ) and I couldn't find the resort. It was a spur of the moment ride, so I did no research beforehand. The only memento I have (besides the linens!) is a large postcard. I am so happy that I have now read the history of the resort. I will share it with my family, I am sure they will be as interested as I. I especially liked seeing the great pictures, and now that I have all the info, I will be taking a ride up there soon. Thank You!

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Dear Vicki, We want the linens back. Ken
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