Honeymoon at Lake Minnewaska

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M. E. Whitehill

Honeymoon at Lake Minnewaska

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I posted a message in teh history section and seem to be the only one in a year. Therefore I'm repeating the message here as it applies to stories as well as history. In July of 1943 we spent our honeymoon at Lake Minnewaska. don't remember the name of teh hotel, but it was down near the lake, so not Mountain House. Because of gas rationing during WWII we arrived and departed by New Paltz Bus. There was a hotel cab that took us to the bus station. The bus went from New Paltz to Newburgh.
I have a colored movie which we took turns filming so both could be in it. It has been converted to a video if Mr. Fernandwz would like to borrow a copy. Loved these old photographs. Thanks, M.E.

Re: Honeymoon at Lake Minnewaska

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In 1968 spent my honeymoon there. We were just kids-19 & 20. They gave us a lovely room w/fireplace. Only problem were the 2 twin beds. We debated what to do. Finally called the desk. They sent staff up. "This wont do. One bed is in poughkepsie the other in Albany."
I was mortified. As I remember they just moved the beds together. We didn't complain further. We hiked a lot that weekend. :!:
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