Early 70s Minnewaska area billboards

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Early 70s Minnewaska area billboards

Postby poktoll » Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:16 pm

As a kid from Hopewell Jct in the early 70s we used to visit friends of my parents in Kerhonkson often on weekends. My favorite part of the trip, besides going around the switchback and seeing the water flow out of the pipe and people bottle it, was passing Ski Minne. I remember thinking that the building was so cool looking. I wanted to go there in the worst way but unfortunately my parents never would stop! This leads me to another memory that I have that someone may help me with. I remember seeing a particular billboard on 299 and 44/55 in several locations. I dont know if it was Minnewaska related, but it was of a man with a peg leg and one of those one eye spectacles. I believe he was wearing a top hat also. It was more of a drawing or outline in all black not an actual picture. There was also some text on it. I vividly remmeber this billboard since I was a child but never knew what it was for. I always associated it with Lake Minnewaska because that was the area in which I saw it.
If anyone remebers this billboard and could tell me what it was it would clear up a mystery since my childhood.


peg leg

Postby chrissy » Mon Feb 21, 2005 9:11 pm

that sign i think was Peg Leg Bates he had a camp on the other mountain up samsonville rd in kerhonkson . you can look him up he did alot for the community. i think he passed away though.

Joe DeFalco

Peg Leg Bates

Postby Joe DeFalco » Wed Mar 23, 2005 4:54 pm

Peg Leg Bates was a black actor from the thirties I think. I tried to stay there one time about twentyfive years ago but was told it was for members only. Being that I was the only white person at the hotel I thought that you had to be black to be a member.

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