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Here it is 2012 already! Fran and I discovered the faint remnants of a small trail section leading to the Crevices back in 2007 and then cut a trail twice it’s length up to the existing Beacon Hill Trail. We marked it in traditional Barn Red Blazes and hoped people would use it and join our effort to keep the trail open. It wasn’t long before the Park made an extreme effort to disguise our work, covering it up with an effort that must have taken a crew of men a week to perform. GEEEZZZ! Must have struck a nerve there! We cleared their destruction and go back to the Crevices at least twice a year to re-open the overgrown trail, and keep it open – although we don’t mark it with Blazez. In two years time, a trail into that area can become completely overgrown and unrecognizable. Our foot steps alone will not keep it open, it takes labor. Today we were fortunate enough to have found some younger people who were very interested in the discovery of a place like the Crevices, with a mind set similar to our own in understanding the need of maintenance along the way. When we brought them to the edge of the clearing – they were Astonished. Within minutes they were gone from sight, delving deep into the cavities of the earth. They would disappear under a rock and come up 300 feet away. Personally, I prefer Air, Sky and Light, I’m claustrophobic. But being so does not mean that I can’t appreciate the great treasure that is here, or see no reason to labor for years over a trail that takes me to a place where I cannot enter.
It was good to bring people to this place, and on our hike out we met 6 other people who were on their way in to the Crevices. I have never met anyone on their way into this place in the past four years, so it’s getting better. The people I took to the Crevices today, openly admitted that they could understand why the Park would rather not have this place known to the public, but they also expressed what a shame that is.
To get there with your pruning clippers: Starting from the Beacon Hill Trail, east of the old Stables, where a small stream crosses the trail at (N41 43.699 W74 13.825), follow the faint signs of a path down the hill to a large boulder at the base of the hill (N41 679 W74 13.729). From here proceed in an easterly direction across level ground to a large boulder at (N41 682 W74.13.710). Follow the faint trail on the east side of the boulder, over an old fallen tree and down through a natural notch to the right. From here the trail down the hill is highly visible and brings you to mostly level ground. Head east to a mid-way point of (N41 43.667 W74 13610) and / or continue straight ahead to (N41 43.632 W74 13.515) which brings you right to the edge of the Crevices area. From this point you can see out across the Crevices and go on to explore, but an entrance into the Crevices is about 300 feet to your immediate left at (N41 43.687 W74 13.507). This is the large boulder bridging the northern section of the Crevices that is depicted in the Photo Gallery of this Site. Follow: Photo Gallery> Paper Items> Menus and assorted paper> file 11 of 37 (crevicesplan.jpg)
If you don’t have a GPS, the trail is somewhat well marked every 50 feet with piles of stones. If you can’t find it, I’ll guide any responsible person with tools of trail maintenance.
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Very well done, Tom. I plan on (finally) getting there. Unfortunately I am not now physically able to help with maintenance but I wanted to say thanks.
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