Lost or Hidden Pond

Lake Minnewaska and surrounding areas as they are now.
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Lost or Hidden Pond

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Can anyone give details about "Lost" or "Hidden" Pond?
Are the abandoned trails leading to it still visible?
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Hidden Pond

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I was also trying to find out how to get to hidden pond when I found your post. I didn't find any other information so I mapped it out myself.
Hike up the blue trail from the bridge that crosses the Peter's kill. As you gain elevation, you will emerge from the wooded path to a more typical ridge path. There is a 3ft ridge that the path crosses; look to your right after you step up and you may see the unmarked rut that heads into the brush. To confirm your position, if you stay on the blue trail, you'll pass a big oval boulder on your right, you've gone too far.
The unmarked path goes thru the brush for a bit, then strait across a little stream, then thru the brush again and up to another ridge. The position of this ridgepoint is 41'44.804 74'13.391. This is a pretty key spot for getting back to the blue trail from this unnamed ridge.
From here the ridge runs North. Work your way North on the ridge top where walking is easiest due to minimal vegetation. Keep to the Eastern edge so you can see Dickie Barre and Rhonde Barre off to your right.
After about a half mile, the ridge will be cut by a ravine running East to West. Work your way to the left along the ridge top. The hidden pond is at the top of the ridge, at the beginning of this ravine.
I also followed a similar track to reach the falls North North West of Hidden Pond. Rather than working along the East edge of the Ridge, hike North along the middle of the ridge back. It will naturally slope down to a creek bed. If you are too far West, you will run into a ravine and ledges. Don't bother with this. When you reach the creek bed, you should be able to hear the falls off to your left. I think this creek bed connects Hidden Pond to the falls.
Good luck, John
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Dear John, Thanks for your detailed explanation. I don't have a GPS device but your directions seem clear. I hope to give it a try some time this spring or summer. I appreciate your answering my question.
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FYI: Bushwacking in state parks.. ie> going of marked trails is prohibited within NYS state parks....

Re: bushwacking....

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[quote="cbsublim81"]FYI: Bushwacking in state parks.. ie> going of marked trails is prohibited within NYS state parks....[/quote]

my favorite place at miniwaska is off the marked trail...its an area with a little waterfall and the rocks on the one side tilt downward to a stream...

i know random. ^__^
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