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This message was posted in the guestbook, and while I was working on the FAQ section for this site, I came across a little bit relating to the following:

>What fun to find this message center. If anyone
>remembers John Lathrop who together with his wife,
>Abbie Smiley Lathrop used to run Minnewaska (?),
>please let me know. They're my grandparents and I >know very little about them.
>Abbie Verner
>Schenectady, NY USA -

Abbie I was reading a book called "Minnewaska Frozen Waters", when I came across a mention of your grandparents. The book was talking about all the summerhouses located around Minnewaska, talking about how they fostered many romances and I came to this:

"Mr. John K. Lathrop, too, wooed and won his charming bride, Abbie Lathrop, here [referring to a summerhouse]."

Actually, skimming ahead in this book I see lots of references to your grandparents. Have you read this book yet?
David Haines

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In 1963, I concluded a two day Greyhound Bus trip from Orlando, Florida. I had just graduated from High School. A van picked me up at the New Paltz Bus terminal and brought me to Minnewaska. I then be-gan the Summer of my life. I was blessed upon return last year to have lunch with Mr. & Mrs. Phillips on the property and was able to share this "gift of God," with my wife. At that time, Mr. Phillips shared a vidio presentation of Lake Minnewaska. It is in his possession. I left the property sad that the "Cliff House" was not there to greet me nor was the "Wildmere."
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