Lake Minnewaska Park Red Trail & Lost item

Lake Minnewaska and surrounding areas as they are now.
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Lake Minnewaska Park Red Trail & Lost item

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Hi everyone:

Just wanted to say we hiked the red trail (all 8 miles) on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at Minnewaska State Park. It was absolutely beautiful and well marked. I don't know if anyone here hikes it regularly...probably not. Somewhere between the top of Millbrook Mountain down back to the lake we lost a Men's size small REI cobalt blue fleece w/ black trim. It has a sentimental value, and we've already accepted that its most likely gone for good...however, if anyone happens to be hiking that trail and comes across it we'd be grateful if you could pick it up. You can write us at if you find it. I found a lost/found on another site for the area, but if anyone knows of one for the specific park I'd appreciate it.

The ice was melting in the park this past weekend and there were many "chandeliers" hanging over the streams inside the trail which was cool.

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Not sure exactly how far from Minnewaska you are but, if possible, you may want to go back there and look for it. A lot of times people will hang a "lost" item on a tree or rock close to where they found it. This way, the person that lost it can easily find it. I don't think there's a "lost and found" at the park.

I'm kinda curious and in no way mean any offense but how do you lose such a large item? At any rate, good luck.
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