The Fire

Lake Minnewaska and surrounding areas as they are now.
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The Fire

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I just came across news of the fire by chance looking at "The Week in Pictures" in the New York Times. What a tragedy - Losing 3000 acres is huge and there is a little statement in one of the articles about water being drawn from a "park lake" to drop on the fire. Was that Minnewaska? Does anyone have any more information?
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Re: The Fire

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I don't know what lake or lakes were used.

My house looks at Millbrook/Gertrudes from 44-55. I was able to watch the progression of the smoke plumes that started closer to 44-55 then moved toward Mud Pond over the next three to four days. I believe there were at least two and maybe three helicopters that were used carrying giant bucket like things.

The fire did not cross east of the lower awosting carriage path. I have not seen anyplace where the fire jumped across 44/55.

I walked out to Lake Awosting via the upper awosting carriage path past litchfield ledge. This was on 4/29 and in compliance with the closed trail list. There is tape covering up the Blueberry Run and lower awosting trailheads.

I spoke with a couple Cragsmoor Firemen who said the fire went almost all the way out to Mud Pond. On 44-55 past the Catskill overlook pull-offs toward Kerhonkson, the fire nearly got to the first houses on the left. Jenny Lane area looks like charcoal. I have not been to Stony Kill Falls area yet, but I'm told it is also all charcoal like. Stony Kill last in July 2007:
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Re: The Fire

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I am a Park Ranger from Minnewaska State Park Preserve and fought on the fire lines from Thursday April 17th to Tuesday 29th when the fire was offically declared out. The first day that the helicopters were used the water was being drawn from Lake Awosting. The days after the water was drawn from Lake Minnewaska.

Re: The Fire

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Here is a picture of the fire I took on Rt 44/55 in Modena:

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