New Look and Feel

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New Look and Feel

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I hope everyone likes the new "clean" look and feel of the website. I want to thank Mark for his enthusiastic encouragement and help with ideas :idea: on the new look.

The message and photo database area will also be modified within a few more days.. maybe by the time you read this.

I also planned on providing some State Park info, but as I was doing the research on it, I noticed a few sites that are already doing a pretty good job of it already, so I'll keep the general info down to a minimum instead of trying to duplicate what is already out there.

I am currently working on the trail maps section including adding the old Lake Minnewaska trail maps that were given out to guests. These trails still exist (albeit a little hidden)! But unless people learn about them and use them, they will also become history. We also hope to add some GPS co-ordinates for the Crevices and other unknown areas for those of you who have a GPS.

If you spot any errors, or notice anything wrong, please E-mail me.

great looking!

Post by ahaworth »

Although I loved the original look, this one is quite good too - and one of my favorite pictures I might add! :)
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Post by Mark »

Hey Sam,

The site looks great! You've done an excellent job.


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