water snakes

Lake Minnewaska and surrounding areas as they are now.

water snakes

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Just thought I'd post my own experience with the northern water snake. I have taken the time to somewhat educate myself on the snakes of our region and everything I read about the water snake said they are harmless. Today my dog was bit behind the ear near the boat launch. I have seen water snakes at Pine Meadow lake in southern Harriman and they are not afraid to aproach a swimmer. My dog was bit IN the water, not poking his head in any caves or holes. He was just swimming along and bam! Be cautious.
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Re: water snakes

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Please remember that there are Copperheads and Rattlesnakes in Minnewaska and both inhabit the waters. Unless you are a snake expert (Herpetologist) please treat all snakes as poisinous. Also many people bitten by "harmless" snakes die from infection and even rabies.
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