Lake Minnewaska and surrounding areas as they are now.


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Y doesn't anyone use these forums? The last two topics are intresting enough and they have no replys for a month. This is a wonderful thing here and no one uses it. I am asking that everyone who reads this write something. I dont care what it is copy and paste a stupid anti war slogan. Just use the forums.

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old web format was easier - I think people want it to be simple!
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I don't understand it either. Sometimes I feel like there aren't really that many people left who are really interested in this subject. I mean it has been quite a number of years now since the hotels were there.

As far as ease of use, I'm baffled by that response. To post a message, all you have to do is move your mouse over the "New Topic" button, click it, start typing, then move your mouse over the "Submit" button and click that. If ease of use is whats holding you back, please let me know.

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I think it might be partly because the hotels have been gone for a long time too. It may also be that the people going to the lake now have no idea of the history of the place.. let alone that there's a site dedicated to its rich history.

When I go to the lake now, I meet people who are interested in the current state of the lake site.. and are usually looking for info about how they can make better use of it as it sits now. I tell them about this site, but I'm not sure if they ever remember the url after they spend the rest of the day hiking around the lake. Maybe I'll get a t-shirt with 'lakeminnewaska.org' on the front and back this year to wear when I go there. It ususally takes a few people regularly posting to keep a forum going. Everyone is busy these days.. maybe they find the content they are looking for (probably the pics) and assume that this is a static site (doesn't get updated), never returning after the first visit. Maybe they're not finding the board in the amount of time they have to spend browsing? It takes quite a while just to get through the pics.. especially on dialup.

Maybe if I offer to take pictures of the people I meet when I'm at the lake, then have them posted somewhere here on the site for them to come and look at them.. maybe they'd remember the url then.

As far as ease of use.. I'm baffled by that too. I don't think it could get much easier. You've got guest posting enabled.. people can get to anywhere on the site from everywhere on the site. I don't know how you can make it easier. Is it the navigation menu that makes it appear more complicated?



P.S. How is Ken doing? Does he stop by the site anymore?


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To all those who generously keep this site up. Many thanks .
I try to visit as often as I can ( the site) . I very much enjoy the recollections of the former owners, the staff and guest. While I have always lived in the Hudson Valley I never had the pleasure of seeing
Minnewaska when it was a resort. THe pictures and stories are fascinating to me and give me a opportunity to visit there now. I do visit the park and have rode the carriage ways with my horse on several occasions. I have also been to Mohonk and enjoy staying and hiking there.

I lament the fact that "pressures" caused the resort to close. However I am very pleased that I can still make visits to Minnewaska.


minnewaska memories

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:D Thanks for the terrific site. All my past ramblings in and on the gunks and minnewaska are all so vivid from my 20 year absence. Camping at the ski minne hills was also a great thrill. The pics you have compiled are beautifully done.

THANKS from a former NYer.
Jim from Charleston, SC

Preserving history

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Minnewaska Lodge just completed our 4th year. Its been very busy and our focus has been on running a sucessful business and I'm sorry I haven't been able to stay in touch with those of our guests with strong connections with the old resort. You know who you are.

As we start our 5th year, I'd love to do something to honor the history of the old resort in conjunction with our own aniversay. We have some space where we could display historic materials and I'd welcome any suggestions about what we might do to help keep the memory of the old resort alive. We would not be here if Minnewaska had not existed.

The website is wonderful.

Paul Schwartzberg


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Greetings Minnewaska devotees,

I just stumbled onto your site when I was researching shelters for a community garden I head up in the East Village (NYC) and remembered loving the ones at Minnewaska. My ex husband and I used to camp across the street back in the early 80's just before the state took it over and strangled our ability to swim where we liked. We used to come on weekdays and get in there early. One of my best memories of my entire life was swimming one day ALONE. We were the only people there, it was foggy, quiet and glassy, and each stroke was alternating grey and aqua. A rare zen moment. I ended up getting a place in Columbia County so haven't been back in many years, especially since they don't let you swim where you want. I was a well trained swimmer as a kid but had smoked and couldn't get very far. About 3 years after I quit, I managed to do the width of the lake and back. It was the first time I'd ever gone that kind of distance in a natural body of water. I kept getting better at it and MY VERY LAST SWIM before the state took over, I did the length and back with ease I hadn't expected. It was another peak moment in my life. To this day, going on 20 years later, I'm a devoted (though often frustrated) distance swimmer and will be till the day I die. It's so wonderful visiting this site and once again seeing the most magical place in the region. For me, it's still the most remarkable lake in the world, not the biggest or grandest. But it's a jewel, and a place where so many different kinds of spirits dwell. You can just feel it. Some day I'll just dive in and get as far as I can before they grab me. It would be worth a fine or a night in jail to do it just one more time. So while you don't see as much activity on this site as you'd like, know that it is doing its job because I found it, and will return to it again to learn more history, and to once again be smitten by Minnewaska's exquisiteness. Anyone who can update me on the swimming situation is welcome, as well as the sewage issue, which is beyond belief!

Thank you for all you've done to keep the memories alive. I know I have many and they are some of the best I'll have ever.

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Re: WHY?

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First, a huge thanks to Sam and everyone else that initiated and keeps up this site. I'm grateful that there's at least some place dedicated to Minnewaska online. And having the forums here is the cherry on top!

I've too many times wondered why there isn't more activity on these forums either. These forums are on my daily list of sites I visit each and every morning with my coffee as I struggle to wake up. It's frustrating because sometimes there won't be a post for a month or so. Or, I'll want to post something but don't because noone will reply. Posts are viewed but sometimes seldom replied. So, there ARE people out there that come here. Why does it take a question about why people don't post to get people to post!? And there shouldn't be any question about ease of use. That's ridiculous. I'm thinking that maybe the mass population of Minnewaska visitors don't actually know of this site's existence. Would the state park object to adopting this site as its official site? If not, then maybe we need to start a grassroots advertising campaign! Seriously.

Depending on whatever else is going on in my life, I try to make a trip out to the Ridge at least once a week in the nicer months (now through October). I'm a Marlboro resident, so it's still a few miles to get out there. Actually, aside from driving around the backroads in Gardiner and Cragsmoor the Friday after the fires started, I haven't been up there in nearly 2 months. But I just bought a house last fall and have had tons of outdoor stuff to do here since the spring started. The price of gas is also a hindrance. To say it's "worth" the 50 or so mile round trip is an understatement. As someone else said, "different kinds of spirits dwell." It's the truth. I have found complete spirituality, peace and inspiration up there since first visiting a little over five years ago. It's my "church," if you will. I have often wondered, "what is it about that place that grabs me?" And I really can't answer it. I guess that's what makes it so special.

Anyway, It would be great to share current hiking stories with other people here. Even if it was "just a nice day and went on such and such trail..." If there are any photography enthusiasts out there besides me, let's post some pics too!!!

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