Lake Minnewaska Mountain Houses


Louise Rider
Started: 1936
Ended: 1940
Added: 2017-06-18 12:32:02
Waitress and housekeeping. She worked her way through Cornell with this job. She told her children so many stories a bout her time here. Now sadly deceased.

Don Atkins
Location: Los Angeles Ca
Started: 1959
Ended: 1967
Added: 2016-07-29 13:19:23
Started in the summer of 1959(one day out of High School) as a busboy at the Cliff House and when the Dining Room Hostess became ill the next season I became the Maitre d'. Moved to Wildmere in 1963 in that position until 1967 when I left for California. The job of supervising 2 captains, 23 servers, 2 roll boys and 5 busboys was not so easy since most of them were the same age as me. Getting them all together for breakfast service after a night of partying was another story. But it was truly a wonderful experience in a time when life was so less complicated. Working with fellow employees from around the country and in my case interacting with hotel guests who had traveled the world was an eye opening experience for a local boy like me. I always went and stayed there at least one night when I was on the East coast, my last visit shortly before the fire at Wildmere. How sad to see the empty, silent, neglected grand lady suffering a lingering death. The natural beauty is still there but the hotels are what made Minnewaska so great. Thank goodness for photos and memories.(

Anna Herscher
Location: Montgomery NY
Added: 2016-03-11 08:19:11
I am writing a History of Hiking in the Shawangunk Mountains and looking for folks to interview about hiking in the second half of the twentieth century. Would love to hear from hikers or Rangers or those who has some interesting stories about other hikers, particularly those in the first half of the twentieth century. I am part of a student program at Mohonk Preserve and a graduate student at SUNY Empire State College.

Mark Huggins
Location: El Paso Texas
Started: June 1969
Ended: July 1969
Added: 2015-10-08 16:24:05
Sorry. Correction to dates worked at Minnewaska.

Mark Huggins
Location: El Paso Texas
Started: June 1968
Ended: July 1968
Added: 2015-10-08 16:16:22
Waiter. Some Chi Phi Fraternity Classmates and Friends (Ed Finley, John McKellar, Sam Bowland) and I from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill worked at Minnewaska in the summer. What a wonderful and beautiful time in a wonderful and beautiful place! Is it possible that almost fifty years have gone by? I met there and a few years later married (now divorced)Kristine Lundquist, from Lakewood, NY, who was also working as a waitress for the summer.

Location: ITHACA NY
Started: JUNE1972
Ended: SEPT1972
Added: 2015-10-04 14:01:19
WAITRESS AT CLIFF HOUSE. I remember quite the summer working there. Lots of people from other countries, late night swims, lots of parties. One time one of the dishwashers took a horse Myron and took it to his living area- his name was Myron also . Lots of fun memories.

Bruce Hilliard
Location: Snohomish Washington
Started: Jun 1976
Ended: Aug 1976
Added: 2015-06-26 19:02:54
I worked there for the summer during the first year out of college. I was a bellman but also a driver and lifeguard. Many fond memories and was sad to leave. Can't ever forget the time the VW motor blew on 44/55 on the way back to the hotel with guests and Ken P. Jr. had to come rescue me. Thanks for letting me keep my job Ken!

Sheldon Malev
Location: North White Plains NY
Started: June or July, 1
Ended: August or Septe
Added: 2015-04-11 23:14:56
In the Summer of 1957 or 1958 I worked as a Chauffeur. It was one of the most memorable jobs I ever had. I fell in love with everything in and around the hotel and I will never forget it. The cars were kept in the garage under the supervision of Bob Benson, who taught me to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times, just in case I ever encountered a tire blow-out. One of the regular chauffeurs who worked there with me was Myron St. John. I was only 19 or 20 at the time. I had a 2nd floor room in the separate house for staff. The scenery and the vistas were magnificent. I felt more like I was living in the Western mountains of the US, and not in NY State. The food was excellent; the people were friendly and wonderful. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences of my life. I drove people to and from the hotel; from the bus station in New Paltz, or the Train Station in Poughkeepsie, or from their homes in the NYC area. I came back to visit the area, only a few times since, and was devastated by the deterioration, destruction of the buildings; their disappearance and the desecration of the beautiful area around the lake. The people using the park have changed the appearance of the surroundings. It is not the same, sadly. What a loss! I wish I could go back to it as it was, then.

Diane Tripp
Location: Brisbane Australia Queensland
Started: 1960
Ended: 1990
Added: 2015-03-16 21:50:57
I didn't actually work there however, my grandmother did from approx. the dates shown. Her name was Marie Schoonmaker and was from Australia and may have worked at Ski Minne. Lived in Kerhonkson for many years. Does anyone remember her? Would be interested in any memories anyone may have of her. Regards Diane have of her.

Dave Stein
Location: Greenwood Lake NY
Started: 1975
Ended: 1977
Added: 2015-01-23 17:54:03
Worked part time in the garage, and various other repairs in Wildmere. Was good friends with Kevin, which gave me a unique view of Minnewaska. The summer of 1977 was the best of my life. The people were wonderful, I remember Nan, Rose, Naomi, and of course the entire Phillips family. When there was fog on the mountain, many cars would not start. I made a tidy sum in tips, using a small torch to dry out their distributors on many damp mornings.

Wendy Allen
Location: New Port Richey FL
Started: 1975
Ended: early \'80\'s
Added: 2014-06-24 17:45:14
Switchboard, front desk clerk, reservations. My maternal grandparents(Leslie and Helen Green) and my parents(Harold and Virginia Allen)all worked at Minnewaska so it was a family tradition! It was my first real job and I really enjoyed the guests and employees. I remember having to spend the night when the road to the gatehouse would be too icy to drive up or down or 44-55 was too dangerous. Loved to dance \"disco\" down in the wine cellar! I remember a lot of great co-workers, Rich Dix(who I still keep in touch with), John Adams, Rick and Tom Lees, Jeff Feller, Rose, Nan, Karen, Carol, Ranger Ron and his dog, and soooo many others. I remember working hard, laughing a lot and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I wish that my children could experience that exhilarating feeling. The simplicity of nature at its finest.

John Morone
Location: Carlsbad CA
Started: 1961
Ended: 1962
Added: 2014-01-27 17:25:03
Worked as a busboy; remember Mimi very well and also the chauffeur Kelly; Ken Phillips Jr.; these were the finest summers of my life

Dorothy Page Mills
Location: CA
Started: 1936
Ended: 1938 summers
Added: 2013-10-11 18:36:02
My mother, Dorothy, was a waitress each summer during college years at the Cliff House and met my father while she was working there. She has shared with us many fond memories of Lake Minnewaska.

Kathrin King Segal
Location: Chatsworth California
Started: 1974
Ended: 1975
Added: 2013-08-20 23:12:11
I was a singer who performed on Friday nights.

calvin l wood
Location: concord ny
Started: 1956
Ended: 1960
Added: 2013-05-24 13:41:14
fist year work on maintenance outside gane with mr otis&ken jr then work at cliff house&willmere

John Grimm
Location: redlands c
Started: 1971
Ended: 1072
Added: 2013-01-31 22:39:39
Waiter, landscape designer - cliff house

Olga Ladenburger and Paula Crum
Location: Palatine, IL and Elizabethtown PA
Added: 2012-08-25 19:04:18
We made a mistake on the email address; it should be

Olga Ladenburger and Paula Crum
Location: Palatine IL and Elizabethtown PA
Added: 2012-08-25 18:57:18
Our grandfather, Jan Christian Canton (from Holland), and our parents, Erna Canton(also from Holland) and Peter Korba, worked here in the early 1950\'s. We are looking for anyone who may have known them. All are deceased. Our mother had a child while working there and we are looking for him as well. What was the hospital in the area where she would have given birth? Any information would be gladly appreciated.

Richard Dix
Location: Dover MA
Started: 1977
Ended: 1979
Added: 2012-08-13 13:38:03
I started out as a bellhop/chauffeur. Sometimes for extra money I would work in the laundry room in the basement and ran the linen through big rollers. All I had to talk to at night were the raccoons. I also tried being a waiter but quit the first night. I ended up working the front desk and switchboard with Harold and Wendy Allen for well over a year. I still stay in touch with Wendy who moved to Fla. When I worked at night, I had to close-up the place and went around to all the guest floors to turn-off every other light in the hallways to save money. I have so many great memories and stories. I remember once a raccoon fell through the bathroom ceiling in a guest’s room while the guest was taking a bath. I also remember when they filmed the soap opera Ryan’s Hope. All the cast and crew drove me crazy placing long-distance calls to NYC all day & night. This was before cell phones! The switchboard was so old with many plug-in cords. If you touched the ends of two cords together you would get a shock. I remember that all the room keys fit every door so if a guest lost or forgot there key, you just had to grab any key to give them. I also remember all the Phillips, from Sr. down to the grandkids. Many days I had to deliver newspapers to the Phillips suite. After work I would enjoy all the place had to offer (swimming, boating and hanging out at the Wine Cellar, etc.) I have many more stories to tell (some of which I cannot write on this page). The experience working and playing at Minnewaska where some of my very best memories

Alan Hanlin
Location: Dumfries in Scotland
Started: June 1969
Ended: September 1969
Added: 2012-07-27 13:59:51
What an experience! My friend bob and I came over from Aberdeen in Scotland for the summer. Bob worked on the tennis court with the ancient coach. We lived in staff accommodation with other students, winos and \'tiny\' a very fat man who worked in the guard house. I worked on the tennis courts, gardens, kitchens, laid black top on the roads, in the satanic laundry where the boss was dying of what seemed like tb and finally as a bell hop in Wildmere when many staff skipped of to Woodstock. Bob and I also, spent a day serving cocktails in Cliff House. I met Mr Phillips a few times. In the stinking basement of the building I watched on television on television the Apollo landing on the moon. I still have postcards and photgraphs ow what was a wonderful adventure and fond memories of the American and British students there. Many pitchers of beer were consumed too. And finally I still have a souvenir from the flag pool - a quite large flag, the stars and stripes. After a further month travelling 12,000 miles on a Greyhound bus I returned home to Scotland, eventually became a school teacher and am now retired.

Margarete Maxwell Garvey
Location: Tannersville NY
Started: 1977
Ended: 1979
Added: 2012-06-03 15:45:40
My father Chuck used to work there and I would come to Minnewaska with him on weekends and school breaks. I would help out at the stables. This is where I found my love of horses. My favorite was Strawberry. She was a sweet horse. I have so many wonderful memories of the area.

Naomi Rappaport
Location: Dartmouth MA
Started: 1977
Ended: 1980
Added: 2012-05-23 17:28:39
\"Minnewaska Hiking Girl\" as Fred called me..I had the luxury of ambling along the carriage trails to Gertrude\'s Nose, Lake Awosting...with hotel guests. In the winter I managed the ski touring center. Highlights..Sunday night moonlight skis with the staff and then off to Lombardi\'s for beer, pizza and pool. Off season i think I did it all..chamber maid, salad chef, reservations, switchboard, you name it..some of the best years of my life!!

Michael Andersen
Location: Cortland NY
Started: 1964
Ended: 1976
Added: 2011-11-10 09:16:06
Butcher, also helped in bakery as well as pantry. What can I say? No one believes the stories anyway. Met my wife there (Stephanie Sprouse) Was going out with Donna Pulver at the time. Met Dave Amsden and still remain friends as he lives only about a mile away and after a few beers all the stories about Minnewaska come out. Spent a lot of time at the swimming hole below the falls as you may know why. Started there parking cars and my brother Bob was doing the meat cutting for the kitchens of both houses. He brought me on as his helper and then he was drafted into the service and I took over the butcher job. I had many helpers , my brother Kurt as well as Tom Ballard, Myron Baker and Fred VanWagner. I wish I had found this site years ago as I would have liked to set up a reunion. But most folks are gone now. Mallory,Gordy,Pops and of corse Willie the glass washer. I could name a hundred people I would like to see again. Mike

Doug Fernandez
Location: Chicago IL
Started: 1972
Ended: 1972
Added: 2011-09-16 13:39:12
My brother was the personnel manager and hired me to be a jack of all trades. I was a chauffeur regularly, worked the front desk, switchboard, the dining room... heck, all over the place but to be honest I don\'t remember eating or being paid though I\'m sure both happened. It was a fun place to be that summer living in the \'dorm\' and gaining a lot of new experiences. I also remember a blind man who recaned chairs and whose hobby was photography. He\'s whip out photos and share them with you asking what you were looking at.... it was a challenge some times but when I saw someone\'s knee I\'d say.... oh a pretty blonde girl and he\'d jump in with who it was and all about her... great memory

David Van Praag
Location: Minnewaska NY
Started: 1993
Ended: 1994
I worked at Minnewaska as an "A2" parking cars and spray painting trees where they may have been hit by parking cars or trucks with plows moving the snow around. I still keep an eye on the park, from within.

Jeffrey Feller
Location: Weehawken NJ
Started: 1978
Ended: 1980

beth goldstein aka: mirabai mcleod
Location: lexington va
Started: 1968
Ended: 1972
i was a waitress on and off for a few years. i met my first husband when i worked there and we wound up living in a tipi down by split rock. we partied. we loved one another. we told the guests all kinds of stories to make more in tips. we hid steaks in our work stations. we teased mallory who was a wonderful man. i can still fold a napkin like we used to fold them so they'd stand on the plate like a crown!! i grew up a lot there!! john de angelo: aka hippie john: i'd love to hear from you!

Ken Phillips, Jr
Location: St. Augustine FL
Started: 1942
Ended: 1987
I lived Minnewaska until our property was taken through eminent domain life. I recognise virtually every name and relate to literally every memory... sitting on the stairs of the "girls dorm", watching the moon rise over the lake, listening to giggles from the summerhouses on a July evening, chasing horses on the golf course and much, much more. I thank Sam Lewitt every time I view the site and I thank all of you for the unique memories each of you bring when you write or comment. We were all very fortunate to have shared space and time at a unigue and wonder-filled place... I cannot help but wish the present generation could have the same opportunity! My personal best to each of you. My e-mail is and I would love to hear from you. Ken Phillips, Jr,

Virginia Brokaw
Location: Danby NY
Started: late 1940's
Waitress/Chambermaid. My mother Virginia told me she worked at (I believe) Cliff House one summer during her college years. I always wondered if anyone would have remembered her. She passed away four years ago.

Irene Licis Donner
Location: Lake Worth FL
Started: May 1969
Ended: December 1969
I was a waitress at Wildemere, full-time in the summer, and then part-time on weekends in the fall and early winter. I was one of many college students from all over the country and the world working there for the most memorable and best summer of my life - the summer of '69, and as we now refer to it, the summer of love. I met my husband there, as did several others, and we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this month. We were isolated from the outside world, working and making our own parties, enjoying the beauty and charm of Minnewaska. I remember diving into the icy cold water to try and shake off the hangover from the night before and sitting on the rooftop of Cliffhouse on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks. I guess if we had known about Woodstock, we would have gone. I had my '67 Beetle, so gave rides to many who didn't have a car. One of our favorite haunts was the Log Cabin - pool, beer, and hoagies on our afternoon break and after service at night. We would party into the night and have to be there early for breakfast. I remember filling my apron pockets and knitting bag with Danish in the mornings and steaks and lobster at night. Since the food at the "zoo" was not edible, this was almost a necessity. We always ate well. We would sit around a cirlce in one of the dorm rooms at night and share our "takes". We had one day off a week, and those who shared the same day, would take day trips together. We've been back many times, but it's just not the same without the hotels. We plan to go back for our anniversary this year and reminice about the wonderful times we had. It truly is a magical place, and I'm forever grateful for the wonderful summer I had, and especially for meeting "Mr. Wonderful". I'd love to hear from anyone that was there that glorious summer.

Started: June 1971
Ended: August 1971
Bellhop at Cliff house. The building was not in good shape; I remember taking some guests to their room and as I left them, closing the door behind me, it fell off the hinges. It certainly was a party house for the employees. Every night, we'd get trashed and raid the kitchen, frying up steaks and fries. This went on until the end of the summer, when management put a lock on the kitchen door. Some hardcore types started going in through a window, but then the chef began hiding inside at night, armed with a huge knife. I have some great memories of the place. Too bad this site isn't more active.

donna hubbert
Location: little egg harbor nj
wonderful to see all these names and experiences at minnewaska. anyone remember ranger ron thompson.have any info where he is

Dan Savarese
Location: NJ
Started: 1976
Ended: 1977
Work for Nan in the stables as a wrangler and Sleigh/Carriage driver. Worked with a lot of great people their, which made it an excellent place to work.

Jeanne LaRocco
Location: Ventura CA
Started: 1972
Ended: 1973
Switchboard operator - So many memories. Young, wild, beautiful, and crazy... Used to swim the lake from Wildemere to Cliff House docks every day. Lived in a room above the kitchens at Wildemere. Met my ex-husband there, he worked on the outdoor crew.

chris rock
Location: new york nY
Started: 1999
Ended: 2010
CPR teacher

josh penn
Location: new york ny
Started: 1998
Ended: 207
life graded

Phil Fabres
Location: Sheffield 01257
Started: 1978
Ended: 1979
I started in mait.Moved on to drive limo and rented boats down at the dock.I still fly over from time to time. Even went for a picinic a couple of weeks ago!

Ronnie Bruh Field
Location: Florence MA
Started: 1972
Ended: 1973
Chambermaid for a month, 1972, office/bookkeeper, summer,1973. Worked there to help support myself in college. I hung out alot there in the summer of 1975 with friends who worked in the stable and boathouse. Wonderful times hiking, swimming, hanging out on the porch. Great memories!

Keith Robson
Location: Souderton PA
Started: 1977
Ended: 1979
Bellhop extroidinaire, chauffeur, ski shop, hotel artist.. - I worked in the waning and dimming days of Minnewaska..often manning the bellhop station and night-time front desk, for a whole of weekend noon Friday to Sunday's last departing guest.... but such wonderful memories !

Douglas Cohn
Location: NYCity Suburbs NJ
Started: 75
Ended: 77
Laundry Assistant Housekeeper. I will never forget my days at Minnewaska. To this day when I need to think the most calming serene thoughts I remember a time where I sat on the rocks overlooking the BLUENESS of the LAKE and meditating. OH what a wonderful wonderful memory. I am sure I remember Carlos Fernandez but cannot place you. I recall the basement and the men that lived down there. They would drink Nyquil to get a buzz. Why Nyquil I could not understand. As a New Paltz student at times I surely knew there were better choices. HAHAHA. I recall some of those people being wonderful friends. I cannot remember his name but a Puerto Rican gentleman lived in the first room to the left and he ran the laundry. He was a mild mannered gentle person once you go to know him. I recall there being two different groups of people the Food side of waters etcs that were more transient and the Housekeeping side that was more local. I was on the Housekeeping side and proud of it.

Ben McDivitt
Location: Medford Lakes NJ
Started: 1969
Ended: 1970
Two Christmas holidays from college, I worked as a waiter. I really enjoyed the winter enviornment in the old wooden structure.

Emmy Hastings
Location: Hyde Park NY
Started: 1972
Ended: 1972 (summer)
I was a waitress at Wildmere one summer to make money for college. I worked hard and played harder. It was a beautiful summer with beautiful people. I go back often to hike or bike up to Awosting.

Emily Markham Adelmann
Location: New Paltz NY
Started: 1941
Ended: 1944
I worked at the Wildmere as a waitress during the war. In those days we had our own assigned tables. When our guests had eaten we were off until the next meal. I often got hikers who ate early. Between meals I would hike all over the property including regular hikes to the hotel at Mohonk. After medical school I often came back to the Wildmere as a guest up to about 1960 when I started to go to Mohonk.

Martha Markham, Emily Markham Adelmann, Jane Markham Tupitza
Location: Rochester, NY, Rochester, NY & Spring CI
Started: 1940
Ended: 1945
My mom and two aunts worked in the dining room at the Wildmere while in college. I will get the exact details tomorrow. After college and med school, Emily was for many years one of the hotel doctors at Mohonk. She also ran the Hikers Holiday program for many years. Hikes on the Minnewaska property were always punctuated with stories of the Wildmere and the Cliff House.

Beau Abrahamsen
Location: Ulster Park NY
Started: 1972
Ended: 1981
I worked at Ski Minne and at the hotel on the outdoor crew. Lots of memories.

Krystal Bullock
Location: Montgomery, NY
Started: May 2003
Ended: Nov 2006
I started out as a gate attendent then went to maintance worker, and whne I left i was a park Ranger. It was an unforgettable job and I had a lot of fun while working there!!

Vivian Smith Mahoney
Location: Gatlinburg TN
Started: May 1957
Ended: October 1957
A Waitress at Wildmere. Didn't party then, too shy. Enjoyed work and the beautiful views from the huts and trails. I was fortunate that Wynn and Dana Gordon, head reservationists, "Joe" head chef, Joe & Judy Huckins Head waiter/waitress all held same positions at the Breakers Hotel in FL and they got me a job working there. Stuck in Florida with lifes changes, marriages, jobs, 3 daughters. Then I finally became a licensed massage therapist with largest most successful clinic in country with nearly 200 doctors referring to my office in Palm Beach County. I was the first and only one specializing in insurance work for years. I now instruct LMT's all over the country. It was this short lived but that summer job in Lake Minnewaska that got me out of the woods and on to life! I actually lied to my dad who picked me up at the end of summer when he asked me how much I made during the summer. I told him $300.00. He was excited, "borrowed" it and I got $40.00 of it back for an Eastern Airline ticket to head to FL. I actually had another $1,600 saved!! I see Mimi Doyle's name here, I remember when photographers came and courted her for magazine pictures as a model. I also remember her sister Diane Doyle as she was a classmate in Kerhonkson High School. Her now husband Connie was the first male I ever met named Connie (my first name). What dynamite, beautiful memories of the region. I now live in the Smoky Mountains of TN as it is as close to the Catskill Mountains i can get and still stay quite warm.

Cindy Bunt
Location: Brewster NY
Started: 6/77
Ended: 9/79

Steven J Zweig
Location: Alpena Mi
Started: 1969
Ended: 1970
I was in college at SUNY New Paltz. I worked as a wine waiter and bartender in the Wine Cellar with a Mr. Wicks. Wicks was a German fellow who owned a small motel in New Paltz.

Ros Kring
Location: Bellevue WA
Started: June 1952
Ended: Sep 1952
Officially I was assistant to the vegetable cook. The chief cook provided all kitchen workers with the same meals as the guests. Pouring soup, watching the coffee urns, and eating those DELICIOUS cinnimon buns was my job.

Kelley Harkins
Location: Orlando FL
Started: May 1983
Ended: August? 1983
Snack bar help - Carol Salemi got me in there, and I remember those months fondly for all the short time it was. I still have some beautiful pictures from there. I'll never forget the fourth of July with the fireworks over the lake.

Jean Dauth
Location: Sioux Falls SD
Started: 1976
Ended: 1980
I worked and lived in the stables. Taking out Trail rides and driving carriage. there were great memories made at Minnewaska. I take a trip to the mountain whenever I am visiting on the east coast.

Mindy Adams
Location: Cleveland ohio
Started: i did not work

Mindy Adams
Location: Cleveland ohio
Started: i did not work
I work at cleveland clic foundation for two years about i graduate from east techkelcal hight school in 2005

Tom Panek
Location: Southern Pines N.C.
Started: 1965
Ended: 1970
I and several of my family members worked at Ski Minne running the lifts, maintaining the slopes, and making snow. I also worked hospitality for the conference rooms, did a short stint as a busboy, sold tickets along 44-55 in the summer for entry into the stream and waterfalls, and rented canoes out on Lake Awosting. I ran into Ken Phillips, Sr. in 1989 or 1990. He was living in Smyrna, Georgia at the time. He came into lunch several times to a restaurant where I waited tables. We had several chats, including one about Ken Jr. still fighting with the state of New York to regain ownership of the property. Many of my high school buddies worked the slopes with us as well. It was always a lot of fun, especially when we pulled half shifts and spelled one another for free skiing. I have a lot of great memories there.

Greg Whitton
Location: Atlanta GA
Started: 1972
Ended: 1976
What a great place to work (and party)! I worked primarily outdoors doing maintenance work, road repairs, maintaining the lawns, tennis courts and golf course. Those were great times I will never forget, especially the co-workers and friendships we had. I was a local New Paltz resident for 25 years and still visit relatives in the area. The memories will always be with me!

Maureen Madden Spada
Location: Accord NY
Started: 1972
Ended: 1986 (?)
I worked off/on as a dock attendant/lifeguard at both The Cliff House and Wildmere and in the x-country ski shop when it was in Wildmere. I also did lots of other misc. tasks.

Paul Spencer
Location: Rosendale NY
Started: 1974
I was a busboy then a waiter at Wildmere during the summer of 1974. I was also a maintenance person during the summer of 1977, working on tennis court grooming, road repair, other miscellaneous repair work, and an ill-advised, unsuccessful attempt to reestablish the old golf course.

Jeff Bauman
Location: West Bloomfield MI
Started: 1970
Ended: 1971
Worked for Nancy in the stables. Wrangled rides, drove horses for carriage and sleigh rides throughout the property.

Charles Keeling
Location: Raleigh NC
Started: 1968
Ended: 1968
Front desk clerk

barbara stettner
Location: syracuse ny
Started: june1951
Ended: september 1951
waitress wildmere (college student syracuse university)there were many employees from holland.

Bill Brown
Location: Saugerties NY
Started: 1961
Ended: 1964
Began working as a dishwasher at Cliffhouse, 1961. Later worked as busboy at Wildmere. Worked also as bellhop at Cliffhouse. Great times, great people. There was never any place like Minnewaska. The memories will always be with me!

Started: 1940
Ended: 1946

Frank Strakosch
Location: Stony Brook NY
Started: 1976
Ended: 1979
Waiter and Bartender

Karen L Bishop, RN
Location: Lantana FL
Started: 1972
Ended: 1974
I was a waitress at Cliff house; the money I earned and the tips helped pay for college. I have really good memories of cliff house, the chefs, cooks, waiters and bus boys.

John Hunter
Location: Richmond Virginia
Started: 1965
Ended: 1966
performer in the Parlor at Wildmere and Cliffhouse

Alice Greenwald Ward
Location: Washington DC
Started: June 1971
Ended: August 1971
waitress at Wildmere

David Shannon
Location: Atlanta GA
Started: June 1970
Ended: August 1970
I worked primarily as desk clerk at Cliff House, although when I first arrived I was given the job of cutting the grass on the golf course, since I had grown up driving a tractor in Texas!! I used to take my trumpet into the theater (a separate building) and practice. My summer there was a great experience.

Roger Neumaier
Location: Everett WA
Started: 1971
Ended: 1971
Chaufeur and Personnel Manager

Jocelyn Siuta
Location: Hurley NY
Started: 62003
Ended: 92004
State Lifegaurd

Tom Farre
Location: Melville NY
Started: 1966
Ended: 1968
Golf course maintenance, waiter, bellhop

Diane Graver
Location: East Quogue, Long Island NY
Started: Oct 78
Ended: May 79
I started out as a chambermaid, then worked in the pantry in the kitchen. Mr Phillips Sr. was very pleased with the turkey club sandwiches.

Elise Belvedere
Location: New Castle Co
Started: 1974
Ended: 1979
Riding stable, Trail guide and Carriage/Sleigh driver. My whole family worked there at one time. My dad (Lenny) ran the front gate, my brother mark ran the boat house, and my Brother Denis worked the ski shop. Working there has been a positive life changing experince. And great memories.

Elise Belvedere
Location: New Castle Co
Started: 1974
Ended: 1979
Riding stable, Trail guide and Carriage/Sleigh driver.

Timothy Prati
Location: Raleigh NC
Started: summer 1996
Ended: summer 1998

Margaret Miller Silvia
Location: Jamaica VT
Started: 1976
kitchen/bakery (I botched waitressing 101)

Greg Cober
Location: Roscoe Illinois
Started: 5/74
Ended: 8/75
I worked in the Kitchen with Pago and Clarence and an older guy I think was Walter. I was the breakfast cook and did vegetables during the summers. I too remember Mal the Maitre D and a whole group of students from a variety of West African countries that worked as waiters.

Started: JUNE 1972
Ended: JANUARY 1974

paul d. hasbrouck
Location: accord ny
Started: 1969
Ended: 1974

Diane Doyle Plaissay
Location: Charlo MT
Started: 1957
Ended: 1960
I was a waitress at both the Cliff House and the Wildmere. Judy and Joe Huckins were in charge of the Cliff House dining room....They were lovely summers. My sister, Mimi worked at the Wildmere at the same time. It's also where I met my husband, Connie Plaissay.

Connie Plaissay
Location: Charlo MT
Started: 1957
Ended: 1960
Sports Director, So many years but what wonderful memories to have. It was a great place to grow up. We all wish for certain time to return to a place in time ,this is mine..

james doyle
Location: waterford ireland
Started: 1972
Ended: 1972
housekeeping-security-helpedout/hungout in stables managed by nancy ball where my brother pat doyle worked also pats wife worked in remember us nancy/ pony was my favourite horse in your stables.

kenny Butcher
Location: london England
Started: 1972
Ended: 1975
I was a busboy then waiter at Cliff House .fall 72 then a waiter ar wildmere on and off 72 thru 75. remember maite d. mal mallory .have been back though its strange without the 2 hotels.still visit friends in New Paltz..Robin Cohen and Eric Horsboll in Wallkill

Keith Weber
Location: San Diego CA
Started: 6/1966
Ended: 9/1966
Drove surrey for guests on trail around the lake. Occasionally would help as bus boy to help some friends. I have some old pictures taken that summer.

Amy Speciale
Location: MA
Started: 1972
Ended: 1973
Waitress at Cliff House...the scenic beauty and the memories are unforgettable!

Patrick Gallagher
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Started: June 78
Ended: Aug 78

John Adams
Location: Wawarsing NY
Started: 1978
Ended: 1979
"bellman", driver

Susi Scott
Location: Alaska
Started: 1968
Ended: 1969
A friend from NY sent this site to me ...WoW !! The memories! I worked in Wildmere as a waitress during the summer months, served the Smiley's and Philips family table (station), actually became close with Mrs. Smiley and exchange letters for a few years before we lost contact. At that time we served three meals ...breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not much sleep, we party most of the time. Remember the uniforms little black satin dress with lacy white aprons. I remember Mike the "Butcher" and all his pranks, actually I went to high school with his girlfriend at the time Stephanie (now wife) What happen to Mallory ?? My last day there was the week of Woodstock, August 1969 ..a lot of us walk-out and went to WoodStock, including me ...afterward I left for Europe and The Far East ...later homesteaded in Alaska and continue traveling around the world. I have several old pictures & relics from those good times at Minnewaska somewhere in storage ..Last time I visited Minnewaska was two years ago although I have been there many times over the years, certainly not the same but still very beautiful! BTW; I recongnize a few names on the list ..Great Site & the photo gallery is slendid! There are many more people I remember but their names escape me at this moment...I have wonderful memories of Lake Minnewaska ...great Party days! ~ss

Carol Salemi
Location: Millis MA
Started: ?late 70's or
Ended: early 80's ?
assistant to the owners did a little of everything(officework,ranger,snackbar, lifeguard,skipatrol,signs&artwork,etc...)

Gerry Hathcock Robinson
Location: Tulsa OK
Started: 1963
Ended: 1965
waitress at Cliff House and /Wildmere

Corinne Devyak
Location: Palmerton PA
Started: 1976
Ended: 1980
Stable Staff Searcher of wild plants, actually any flora.

maria dalessio (bell)
Location: Stonybrook ny
Started: may 1967
Ended: august 67
I worked and lived at Cliff House. It was my first and only waitress job. There were only a few of us who stayed in the hotel (not guest rooms) Had a ball on rare nights off piling into car to go to New Paltz (PG and Homestead). Swam in the freezing lake at night...had a wonderful summer in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Bob Browning
Location: Newburgh Ny
Started: 1976
Ended: 1984
Park Ranger

Don Abrams
Location: Hermosa Beach CA
Started: mid 60's
Ended: late 60's
Waiter; and local New Paltz resident for 35 years

Mimi Doyle Peters
Location: Eastsound, Orcas Island WA
Started: 1958
Ended: 1962
Waitress at Wildmere I grew up in Kerhonkson and remember my summers at Minnewaskas as some of the best of my life. We worked everyday all summer and met very interesting and sometimes famous guests. We also had great fun together: Connie, Diane, Kenny and Buddy and so many others. They are wonderful memories.

Connie Plaissay
Location: Charlo MT
Started: 1958
Ended: 1960
Sports Director

Location: Massena NY
Started: Summer 1981
Ended: summer 1982
I primarily LifeGuarded & conducted other related duties. Fantastic memories evolving from my affiliation with the Lake Minnewaska co-employees and visitors. Worked with Eric(other LifeGuard) the majority of the time. Frequent visitors seemed to get our names confused - had to remind them that Eric was the blonde LifeGuard and I was the red-head(no particular reason why I just remembered that!). I haven't explored the Minnewaska area in awhile - I subsequently became a State Trooper with the NY State Police and am currently assigned as a NYSP BCI Investigator near the Canadian Border - hopefully I will get the chance to stop by and visit the "ole Minnewaska stomping grounds" during the summer. Any friends, acquaintances and Lake Minnewaska visitors and co-workers can contact me via my email address(es): or Would be great to hear from you! Take Care, Jeffrey

Albert C. LaVerne
Location: Scranton PA
Started: 1943
Ended: 1947
Bus boy, and room service

Penny Soll
Location: Bainbridge Island WA
Started: 1963
Ended: 1964
I worked as a waitress for one summer, then returned a couple of years later and worked in reservations.

dennis george
Location: ithaca ny
Started: july
Ended: aug 1967
busboy swam the length and back on a foggy day with someone else

Location: Kerhonkson NY
Started: 1973
Ended: 1980's
maintenance, mechanic, ski slope, grommer, plowing, built Mr. Pilllip's house with him and more. No other job like it in the world!

Elizabeth Fasolino
Location: New York NY
Started: Summer '76
Ended: close
Chambermaid, waitress

Started: 1957
Waitress - I walked from Mettacahonts, New York to Minnewaska (15 to 20 miles) and was interviewed by Mr. Kenneth Phillips. He at first was not going to hire me (too young) but then found out that I walked that distance to get a job and had to walk back home. He called my parents and told them if anyone walked that far to apply for a job, he was going to hire me. I worked the summer at Cliff House and became friends with Kenny Phillips, Jr. and Buddy Smiley Brennan. We all worked hard but also had loads of fun on our time off. It is a great memory. Joan Hayes Wustrau

Malcolm S. Todt
Location: Middlebury CT
Started: 1960 summers
Ended: 1964
Started in the Cliff House kitchen as a glasswasher and then moved over to be the breakfast cook and dessert boy. The next summer I was a roll boy in the dining room and then was a desk clerk for the next two summers. Throughout the years we also worked on week-ends and holidays doing everything: ourtside crew with Ray Otis, golf-pro, bell-hop,snack bar etc. The best place in the world!!!!

Started: JUNE 6, 1963
Ended: AUG 31, 1963

Joseph Otis
Location: New Paltz NY
Started: 1952
Ended: 1959
Electrician, Lived my first twenty three years there

Nan L. Ball
Location: Atlanta Ga
Started: 1967
Ended: 1980
Stable Manager,Reservations,Front Desk,Ski Minne', etc. . Year around help would work in any capacity to serve hotel guests.

Ruth Anne Hendrickson Bailey
Location: Kerhonkson NY
Started: May 1957
Ended: May 1957
I saw an ad in my high school in Ellenville NY for waitress work in the dining room at Wildmere for a weekend. I spent the weekend there in the help dorm on the top floor of Wildmere and worked the dining room carrying around a bun warming machine and serving rolls to the guests. I had a strap around my neck and the warmer was heavy as it had hot water in the bottom and a tray on top of that for the rolls. The cover slide back so that the guests could take rolls directly from the steamer. It was quite an experience but not one that I wanted to do for a profession. I met alot of nice kids from NYC and New Paltz who also just came for the weekend to work there.

Carlos (Charles) Fernandez
Location: New York NY
Started: 1972
Ended: 1978
Personnel Manager 1972, Resident Manager '74, Head Park Ranger '75, Resident Manager '76-'77

Susan Titsworth Froome
Location: Dana Point CA
Started: May 1969
Ended: September 1969
I was a waitress there the summer of Woodstock and the Apollo 11 moon landing. I returned after 32 years to visit the park and was unaware of the tragic events of our nation as I hiked around the lake on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Michael Kunkes
Location: los angeles ca
Started: 5/76
Ended: 9/79
I was a waiter, bellhop, wine cellar cocktail waiter, gatehouse guard, and lifeguard.

Started: JUNE 1953
Ended: AUGUST 1953
I guess it was "Chamber Maid" back at that time as I prepared the rooms for guests.

Started: JUNE 1963
Ended: AUG 1963

Sam Lewit
Location: Oakland CA
Started: 1976
Ended: 1980
I started as a dishwasher, and soon became a maintenance mechanic. I specialized in the steam boilers. I was inside the Cliff House pulling out furniture while it was burning. Working at Minnewaska was a part of my life I will never forget.

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