Lake Minnewaska Mountain Houses Cliff House, The Wildmere

Filmstrip In October of 1978, what television show was filmed at Lake Minnewaska.

AM New York
Ryan's Hope
Good Morning America
The Today Show
That 70's Show

Couple admiring Lake Minnewaska with Wildemre and Summerhouse in background. The main portion of Summerhouses were made out of what species of tree?

Northern Red Oak
White Ash
American Chestnut
Eastern Hemlock

Alfred Smiley Ok, this is a weird one, but a great story.

During Alfred Smiley's life at Minnewaska, he was very distressed that a rum tavern was conducted almost at the gates of Minnewaska. He tried numerous times to purchase the tavern, but the owner refused. It wasn't until the owner became gravely ill did he agree to, and ultimately did sell the tavern to the Smiley's.

When cleaning out the tavern, what did Edward and George Smiley come across?

Paperwork showing that the tavern was on Minnewaska property
Minnewaska employee paychecks
Tools from the hotel
Drinking glasses with Minnewaska logos

A bridge at Lake Minnewaska What was the name of this bridge (recently rebuilt)?

Loop Bridge
Sky Bridge
Chestnut Bridge
Dry Bridge

This building is:

Employee Dormitory
Laurel Inn
Cragsmoor Inn
Camp Awosting

Railroad crossbucks It's 1920. Minnewaska is only 6 miles away from the Kerhonkson train station. What was the name of the railroad company that stopped at Kerhonkson AND delivered provided passenger service? Note: The choices below were all real railroads!

New York and Atlantic Railroad
Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad
Delaware & Hudson Railroad
New York & Lake Erie Railroad
New York, Ontario & Western Railroad
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad
Central New York & Western Railroad

Animal entertainment in front of The Wildmere What type of animal performed at the Wildmere car port for the amusement of guests.


Control panel What was this home made contraption used for?

Lighting of the cupolas during special occassions
Lighting panel for parlor performances
Lighting panel for evening cookouts

Lake Minnewaska Powerhouse This structure was the powerhouse for generating electric at both The Wildmere and The Cliff House. It began operation on October 14th, 1922. What was the source of power?

Hydroelectric and oil combustion engine
Steam boiler turbine

Aerial shot of The Wildmere at Lake Minnewaska After the 1911 expansion of The Wildmere, how many fireplaces did it have?


Wine Cellar at Lake Minnewaska This is the view of the Wine Cellar bar. The mirror is actually the shape of the lake. But if you were there in person, and looked in the mirror, you would see the reflection of words carved in the beam overhead (they were carved backwords to show correctly in the mirror). What does it say?

Lake Minnewaska
Wine Cellar
Both Earth and Heaven closely intertwine
Beauty has shed its blessing on this place

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